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An Exhibition of Photographs
held in Feb-March 2004










What the viewers and reviewers had to say:


"Studio Times has always produced very special photographs and captured Sri Lanka at its very best."

- Shanthi Wilson, Comments Book of Voyage

"Beautiful exhibition - so glad to see that the 'eye' and talent has passed on to the next generation."

- Rohan de Soysa, Comments Book of Voyage

"The best exhibition ever."

- Dominic Sansoni, Comments Book of Voyage

"A first-class exhibition."

- Valerie Raymond, High Commission for Canada, Comments Book of Voyage

"Dear Nihal - What is so impressive is that your remarkable contribution to our country is being continued by others at Studio Times."

- Jayantha Dhanapala, Comments Book of Voyage

"Beautiful, fascinating and well-researched exhibition. The texts were most enlightening and the photographs splendid. Should be a permanent exhibition."

- Jane Ross, Comments Book of Voyage

"You'll have done a great job. Its really wonderful because we got a chance to know many hidden treasures in Sri Lanka."

- Viroshini, Tania, Rachel. Chrisanthi, Nishanthi, Karthigayeni (Students of Bishop's College), Comments Book of Voyage

"The students were enchanted."

- C.M.S. Ladies' College, Colombo, Comments Book of Voyage

"Voyage is the 13th Exhibition of photography to be held by Studio Times within a span of 33 years. In a country where photographic exhibitions of any kind are very few and their quality often a matter of conjecture, the importance of this tradition cannot be overemphasized."

- Gamini Akmeemana, Daily Mirror, Saturday, February 21, 2004

"The photographs are exotic, but more importantly, they tell stories few of us have heard."

- Aaysha Cader, The Sunday Times, Sunday, February 22,2004

"A voyager is a seeker, a discoverer whose eyes are not our eyes, someone who sees much more and much further than we do. At a certain level every life, every lifetime is a journey and, as I have often noted, each biography is an epic in its own way. Not all epics get written, however, and as Nihal has proved time and again, not all grand narratives that do get expressed require words. His instrument is the camera and his language is photography. And what makes his work an extraordinary epic is that it is a corpus that is as much national as it is personal. In short, he 'writes' our lives, our history, and our heritage, without glossing over the tragic, the triumphant or the hopeful."
  - Malinda Seneviratne, Sunday Island, February 22, 2004


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